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Techie Blues has a new Home


Techie Blues has shifted to its own custom domain: www.techieblues.com

If you have liked this blog then you will simply love the new blog.

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Always show the tab bar in Safari


As in Firefox 3, Safari 3 also supports tabbed browsing. But one of the main disadvantages is that there is no option for "Always Show the Tab Bar" as in Firefox 3.

So here is a hack for all those users who miss that tab bar.

For OS X follow the following steps:

1. Open the Safari plist file (~/Library » Preferences » com.apple.Safari.plist) in the Property List Editor.
2. Click the triangle to open the Root list, then click once on Root to highlight it.
3. Click the Add Child button.
4. Change the name (New item) to AlwaysShowTabBar, set the Class to Boolean, and set Value to Yes.
5. Save changes and quit Property List Editor.

For Windows People like me:

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\$USERNAME$\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari\Preferences.plist (Replace $USERNAME$ with your username)
and add the code below anywhere in the file.



and save the file. Restart the safari browser and voila, you will find the status bar there.

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Make Money with your Twitter Profile

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Till now people used to make money using their blogs by using various monetizing networks but there were no monetizing networks which had supported the microblogging platform.
That is where now TwittAd steps in. TwittAd is a special ad network only for twitter, that allows people to put ads on their Twitter profiles and earn money out of it.
If you have a profile with lots of followers then you can use this website  to monetize it.
What TwittAd actually does is that it provides a common platform for both Twitter users and Advertisers to meet for their product placement, website promotion on the Twitter user's profile.

How to use TwittAd?

First, you will have to sign up an account with them. After signup, you will be given instructions as to how to insert ads in your profile. Payments are done through Paypal and the threshold limit i.e. minimum amount to be earned is $20.

Personally speaking, I feel it is a very innovative idea but will it work is the million dollar question as very few twitterers go to different profiles just to read other tweets. But still worth try. What say?
Do pass on your comments.

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Can you ditch your smartphone? A Challenge

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Engadget Mobile has come up with a novel idea, rather a challenge.
Nokia 1100The challenge is simple: Ditch your smartphone for a month and try to live with a the basic Nokia 1100.
Hmmm must say it is a very intriguing challenge in this age of Web 2.0 or atleast you would think so, but according to figures of Nokia, there are over 200 million people who are using this set and haven't upgraded to any other smart phone.
I honestly cannot think of a day without my Nokia N70 phone. Though I don't use any of the smart phone applications but I cannot stay without listening to music and taking snaps from my phone. What do you say?
Feel free to let me know your experience if you take up the challenge. Or if you are one of my kind, do tell me what feature from your phone you cannot do without.

Schedule your Tweets, SMS and Emails

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Ever Wanted to schedule your tweets or even SMS? Then Sendible is the answer you are searching for.

It has a variety of services to offer. Some of them are:

  • You can schedule Emails, SMS's and Social Network Messages
  • It can be used to send SMS messages to anywhere in the world for free
  • It can be used to create reminders and have them sent to you by Email or SMS. So no more Forgetting Birthdays or Anniversaries :). There is an option to import all your facebook contacts as well
  • You can organise events and send invites using Email, SMS or messages through Social Networks
  • You can schedule status updates and tweets on Facebook and Twitter Respectively
  • It keeps you informed of all the upcoming events as well the past ones that might have occurred since your last login via a personalised news feed.and so much more...
Click here to go to Sendible and start scheduling :)

Get 250 GB Account for a lifetime

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FileSavr.com is offering free accounts to people. To get your free account fill out this form to receive to get an account of 250 GB absolutely free. Accounts created before September 15th will have a lifetime membership for free.
Hurry!!! Offer is valid till September 15th 2008.
Click here to create an account

Update: This Offer has closed. However you can check out their various plans here.

Tsunami Times Rebranded as Techie Blues

As you might have noticed from past few days that "Tsunami Times" was going through major rebranding. It is almost an year now since I have started this blog. At the start I did not want to follow any specific genre via my blog. I blogged about the topics I found as interesting. But after one year I have become a tad bit wiser I guess. So I have transformed this blog into a complete techie blog and created another blog for non technical purposes. Do check that as well @ My Personal Space. Hope you find my site more interesting than before. I will put all my efforts to make this blog a better place. Thanks for your co-operation during the past few days.
I would also like to have feedback of this new site. Therefore do comment and let me know your feedback so that I can evolve this blog into a better place. Thanks :)

iPhone 3G coming on BSNL soon

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The much hyped iPhone 3G is coming on BSNL networks soon. According to BSNL, it plans to launch the phone by Dec 2008 along with the launch of 3G network.
This might be a severe blow to its competitors Vodafone and Airtel, who currently hold the license to distribute iPhone in India since BSNL phones will support 3G network right from its inception unlike themselves.
But the big question is that whether BSNL will also carry the same price tag as its rivals Vodafone and Airtel or will opt for a price cut on the phone?

The only answer to this is to wait and watch.
Hoping that the BSNL's entry will lower the price of  iPhone. :)
What do you say?

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Create Amazing Twitter Badges with TwitStamp

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TwitStamp is the newest addition to the huge list of Twitter Services already present. But the USP of this service is that it lets us make some amazing and sleek twitter badges showing off our current tweet.
Apart from that you can also create a "TwitCard" i.e. A profile badge of your twitter account which can then be used to display on your blogs, forums or even on your social networking profiles etc.
And the main advantage is that Twitstamp does not use widgets. So no hassles of entering any code. Some of the sample badges are as shown below.
Twitstamp 2
To use the standard badge anywhere, use http://twitstamp.com/YourTwitterName.png.
(via Fabworker)

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Annoyed with the Snap's link previews? Get rid of it


Yesterday I was going through a website which had a lot of Snap's Link previews. For the uninitiated, Snap is a service provided by Snap.com. It is a small code that bloggers/web developers use on their blog or website so that,  when the visitor rolls the mouse over any link, a big bubble with a thumbnail image in it will pop up , giving them a preview of the website mentioned there.
It is a cool service if used in limit. If it goes overboard, then it can be very frustrating for the visitors because it disrupts the whole browsing experience of the visitors and has the potential to be quite a pain to the visitors.
Therefore I started searching for a method through which these snap previews can be disabled. Interestingly Snap.com itself had the answer for this problem.
Just click here or click on the link provided in the FAQ.
If you are wondering how does it work? Well, when you click on the script, your browser gets injected with a cookie that will send all those bubbles packing.
Note: Since this script depends on cookies, this method will be effective till the cookies stay. So if you delete all your cookies, then the Snap Previews will reappear.